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WELCOME TO Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia (RHAC)

We are a leading NGO providing quality family planning and sexual and reproductive health services in Cambodia. Our work is tailored to address the high unmet needs in the areas of family planning, reproductive tract infections among women and men, safe delivery and capacity to manage emergency obstetric care situations, child health, including child nutrition; tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and water and sanitation.

Our Achievements in the last three years 2009-2011:

Interventions Total
– Clients our clinics served: 1,031,430
– Rural poor receiving support for free care services: 311,063
– Rural pregnant women receiving free delivery at Health Facilities: 80,164
– Number of unwanted pregnancies prevented: 368,079
– Persons receiving direct health education: 4,486,801
– Public Health Facilities receiving technical support: 475